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Private GBW (Glen) Skewes

 Glen Skewes Changi Diary

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A history and source book on the entire 8th Division, A.A.M.C. (Malayan Command), along with the diaries, post war narratives and interviews already conducted regarding all Australian medical units serving in the Far East. This work includes Nominal Rolls' of all individual unit personnel, some 2,000 men and women, of which one in five failed to return.

The diaries of Glenliegh Skewes is preserved in this published work, complete as one man's walk through nearly five-years of active service, covering the Malayan/Singapore campaign, captivity, and a medical orderlies view of the notorious Burma-Thailand Railway, and the tradgedy of 'F' Force, whose original working strength was over 7,000 P.O.W.s', of which some 3,000 died in the course of twelve months.

Glenliegh's diaries shine new light across one of the most darkest episode's in Australia's relativley short history. The names of nearly 200 of Glenliegh's comrades are as well sited, many entries contain information of their last days and hours of existance, whilst others sited are like Glenliegh himself, struggling from one day to the next.

This publication when available will carry the images of as many of those sited as possible as well as complete name index's covering the details of all those sited.

Available for purchase at the AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL

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