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Portrait of Pte Glen Skewes

Private Glenleigh Bertie William Skewes

Changi Diary

A Diary of the Changi Prison Camps in World War 2
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About the Diary

This is a true story, copied from the Diary entries of VX 61290 - Private Glenleigh Bertie William Skewes of the Australian Army, a Prisoner of War in World War 2. It tells of the trials and experiences of those under the command of the Imperial Japanese Army. Private Glen Skewes was a Medical Orderly attached to the 2/13th Australian General Hospital and, being in this position, he was a witness to the considerable famine and sickness which killed many thousands of fellow servicemen. The original Diary was written on small notebook pages, the latter section being inscribed in diluted purple dye owing to the absence of writing materials. It was constantly hidden from the enemy, and was damaged by the damp and mildew of the monsoon climate. It was carried through the war at great risk as severe punishment was meted out to the person with any such document found upon them. The original Diary is stored at The Australian War Museum, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. This is the study of an ordinary Australian soldier - his love for his country and his family, his faith in his God, and his feelings for suffering humanity.

Carrying on under fire and Captivity

The diaries of Glenliegh Skewes is now preserved in a published work, complete as one man's walk through nearly five-years of active service, covering the Malayan/Singapore campaign, captivity, and a medical orderlies view of the notorious Burma-Thailand Railway, and the tradgedy of 'F' Force

The book also includes other previously unpublished stories from the 8th Division Australian Army Medical Corps under Malaya command. Read more

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